Snowmobile Insurance

What should be covered?

Snowmobile insurance coverage options include Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability, Comprehensive & Collision, Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist, Roadside Assistance, and more. If you're thinking about snowmobile insurance to protect you during your snowy adventures, we can help.

Why Is Snowmobile Insurance Important?

You probably enjoy the time you spend on the trails, zipping through the snow. Chances are you have also invested considerable amounts of money and energy into buying and maintaining your sled. You want to protect that investment with an insurance policy that can help you make swift repairs to your snowmobile or replace it entirely if it is a total loss.

Just one injury in a snowmobile accident can result in thousands of dollars in medical treatment. You also want to protect yourself and other riders in the event you crash.

Is Snowmobile Insurance Required in Oregon?

Although carrying insurance on your sled is not obligatory in Oregon, it is still important to have in the event of accident or injury. You must register and title your snowmobile with the OR Department of Motor Vehicles even if your sled never leaves private property.

Does Snowmobile Insurance Cover Passengers?

Some policies cover passengers, while many others do not unless you specifically buy that coverage. If you will be taking riders along with you on your snowmobile, be sure to ask your agent or insurance company how cover them for injuries and medical expenses. If that coverage is not included in your policy, make sure you can add snowmobile passenger insurance as an option and that you have adequate liability insurance as well.

What Will Snowmobile Insurance Quotes Look Like?

Most Oregon insurance providers take several factors into account when calculating snowmobile policy quotes, including these:

  • The make and model of the snowmobile
  • Where you will ride
  • The age of the driver using the snowmobile
  • Whether you will take passengers and/or allow others to ride your snowmobile
  • The intended use of the snowmobile such as pleasure, business or racing
  • The deductible you choose
  • The type of coverage you buy and/or optional coverage

Many riders can find a policy for as little as $100 a year. Serious riders with additional coverage needs can find quotes for around $300 annually.

Get Snowmobile Insurance Quotes Today

Selecting the right snowmobile insurance policy is just as important as choosing the right car insurance for your needs.