Intro to Spring

spring bc.jpg
By Joe Hubbard

I’m up early drinking my coffee and enjoying the coolness of the morning and the warmth of the rising sun.  It’s Saturday and I can tell it’s spring time in Southern Oregon because all around me is the beauty of various shades of green.  Grass, weeds, fields are all growing fast and the sounds of spring are soon to follow. I know the neighborhood will be a mass of activity as my fellow neighbors begin their spring rituals of yard work. First, I hear the buzz of a weed whacker as a neighbor begins trimming weeds. The lawn mower joins in shortly afterward with the steady hum of the engine cutting grass. Next, a diesel tractor with a deep knocking sound is mowing the field grass that has grown too high. Blowers are next with a high whining whoosh clearing driveways and yards of left over leaves and debris. A pressure washer growls loudly as the house siding is being cleaned of the winter residue.   Yes, spring time is here with all its beauty, and the sounds of the work it brings.

This Saturday I left my tools in the garage and escaped the noises of the neighborhood. It was such a beautiful day that I decided to go for a ride.  So I put on my leathers, fired up the Harley, and headed towards the mountain lakes.  Sometimes you just can’t escape the noises of spring time.

Michael Williamson